VIDEO: Energy & Efficiency, Episode 2

Today, I’m looking at renewable energy sources, with this video review of a wind-up torch. Is it a good idea? Does it work? Is manual electricity generation a viable alternative to traditional plugs, bulbs and power leads? Let’s find out!

I apologise for the poor sound quality.

In summary, wind-up torches work, but require constant winding. There is an additional energy saving to be found…

Trevor Baylis's wind-up MP3 and video player – world first

ecomediaplayer9.jpg Hippyshopper has come to the eco-friendly rescue yet again and will no doubt help save the world, along with Macgyver, Chuck Norris, oh and David Hasselhoff. Better add Al Gore and Bono in there just to be on the safe side, and to avoid any temper tantrums from either party.

The latest piece of must-have green gadgetry comes from Trevor Baylis, who first introduced the wind-up radio to consumers 16 years ago…