Wii Fit Plus hits shops tomorrow

Along with all the original Wii Fit features, there are fifteen new balance-board exercises, and six new strength and yoga programmes. You can now also customise your fitness routines to make your at-home training regime even easier and there's even a calorie counter which makes reaching your targets more measurable.

Nintendo: Wii Fit Plus, Vitality Sensor, Super Mario and all they announced at E3


Shipping over 15 million copies of Wii Fit obviously isn’t enough these days, especially with Microsoft and Sony both hot on your motion sensing heals. Sadly, all Nintendo could come up with in the new controller department is a fairly gimmicky sounding pulse monitor called the Wii Vitality sensor but then, that’s probably how people described the Balance Board when it first arrived.

The sensor works by wrapping around your little finger and working out just how your heart’s doing, presumably on a scale somewhere between total hysteria and death. Can’t see it really adding much to the gaming experience but I’m quite happy to be well and truly corrected.

Otherwise, it was a world of next generation favourites from the Japanese gaming giant with the most interesting being the Wii Fit Plus and the most nostalgic the upcoming Super Mario title for the Wii.

Wii Fit Plus is similar to the original but with the addition of customisable routines, the ability to choose programs targeted for specific parts of the body and 15 new games including juggling and skateboarding.

New Super Mario Bros is the faithfully, if unimaginatively, named title of the exploits of the world’s favourite Italian plumber. It’s a 2D screen scroller with automatic panning and zooming complete with the refreshing touch of a four-player cooperative mode, so you’ll no longer get stuck on level 6.3 on your own. It’ll be out in time for the “holiday season” which probably refers to Thanksgiving.

The last little treat was a the briefest of glimpses at the next Zelda game; so brief in that the only news was a slide and the fact that it’ll involve the Wii MotionPlus.

(via Telegraph & Crave)