Radiohead launches social networking site for gossip about Thom's hair, Waste-Central


They’ve already asked you to create music videos for their In Rainbows album, and given you the task of remixing their single ‘Nude’, now they’re demanding you waste even more of your time helping them own the internet, with their aptly-named new social networking site, Waste-Central.

Powered by the Ning platform which 50 Cent also uses, Waste-Central lets fans post videos, remixes, photos, music files, blog and even sign up for a special Radiohead email address. The main attraction to the site is the gigapedia-type service so you can find the gig you’re going to, meet the other fans who’ve spent £42.50 on a ticket, and obviously arrange to meet up before or after the gig to talk about Thom Yorke’s hair…