Sony Ericsson W715 – SHINY VIDEO REVIEW

I’m not a huge fan of Sony Ericsson handsets on the whole but that’s got nothing to do with them and more to do with my mind setting like concrete the day I first started using a Nokia. They’re the polar opposites in UI which is a shame really because the Sony Ericsson W715 looks like a really good phone.

The latest in the line of Walkman handsets, it could be blessed with a little more internal memory than 120MB but expanding to a healthy 8GB requires only one of those annoying proprietary SE cards. There’s some very familiar shake-to-control action going on here, so I’ll stop and let Zara give you her verdict before I start getting nasty…

If you’re as pleased as my esteemed colleague is by the W715, you can find it free on Vodafone from £15 a month

Sony Ericsson

MWC 2009: Sony Ericsson announces new W995 Walkman phone


Just a few days after the fairly basic W395 Walkman phone comes the much feature-laden W995 Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson.

Forget the lacklustre 2-megapixel camera straight away, for this baby comes with an 8.1-megapixel camera (very important, that ‘point one’) with up to 16x digital zoom. Granted, digital zoom — especially on a mobile phone — isn’t much to get excited about (how much grain do you want on that picture of your best mate’s left nostril hair anyway?) and there’s no mention of optical zoom in the preliminary specs, but you do at least get auto focus, face detection, flash, image and video stabilisation, video recording (rate unknown) and video light.

OK, enough on the decent enough camera. This is a Walkman phone, after all, so what about the audio? Well, Sony is debuting its new Media Go application on the W995, letting you “effortlessly and automatically” transfer audio, pics and vids between phone and computer. Yep, something proprietary but then of course you can say the same about iTunes…