RUMOUR: Next gen iPhone to feature 802.11n Wi-Fi and video editing


From no video whatsoever to video editing? That’s the possibility rumoured today for the next generation of the iPhone, due in June. Screenshots from the beta have inadvertently revealed elements of the UI that suggest that video editing will be possible. It’s already looking like there’ll be recording and uploading on the 3.0 phone.

Also, digging into the new wireless drivers for the device from Broadcom suggests that the new iPhone may support low-power 802.11n Wi-Fi, which is considerably faster than standard b/g support if you have a compatible router.

Whatever happens, it’s unlikely that the new iPhone will do anything other than gain rave reviews from critics, but there’ll still be an increasingly growing market of people dissatisfied with Apple’s growing dominance in the sector, in a way which never happened with the embryonic MP3 player market.

(via MacRumours)