Moviemaking with Movavi



Have you ever tried to make your own movie? Well, it’s easier than it seems! With the right video editing software, the montage process won’t take a lot of time even if it’s your first time using it. Movavi Video Editor can turn video editing into a really engaging process. The program has a simple intuitive interface so it won’t be a problem to learn how to use it.

With Movavi Video Editor, you can discover your hidden talents and make a stunning movie – the one to remember. You can add any media files to the program – video, audio, and images. There are all the necessary tools: crop and rotate clips, split videos into parts, delete unwanted fragments and join parts with stylish transitions.

And here’s what you can do:

► Make an anniversary present

You probably have a lot of old videos stored somewhere. Transfer recordings from digital cameras and digitize VHS so you can make these memories last.

► Tell a sentimental love story

Make your loved one feel special with a romantic slideshow. Use artistic filters and lovely transitions to set the mood. Combine several effects to get the most interesting result.

► Show everyone a colorful vacation video

You’ve had the time of your life, right? Overlay titles: choose the font, size, colors, and other characteristics, make the text animated, and more. Add stickers – there is a funny picture for any occasion.

► Create a video blog posting

If you need to add a webcam video to your movie, you can do it with the help of the special built-in tool. You can also connect a microphone to the computer and record your own narration to the video.

The footage sometimes can be far from perfect. Enhance videos using manual and automatic settings: adjust sharpness, tweak brightness, contrast, saturation and other color parameters, stabilize shaky footage.

Adjust the soundtrack, too. Normalize volume and get rid of background noises to make the recording loud and clear. Mute unnecessary tracks and tweak the volume the way you want. Add volume points to gradually change the loudness of the sound.

There is also a simple mode in the program. With its help, you can create themed movies practically in a couple of clicks. All you need to do is upload the files, and choose the parameters of your future video: duration, transition style, volume balance, etc.

You can save the result in any format and with any resolution. The program supports a wide range of video formats, from the most popular to less common, so you’ll certainly find the one you need. If you want to prepare the video for viewing on mobile devices, use handy presets designed for various smartphones, tablets, and TVs. It is also possible to upload videos to YouTube and Google Drive directly from the program.

Try out Movavi Video Editor and master your skills of a filmmaker. Simple editing tools, flexible project settings, and the abundance of supported formats make it the perfect video editing software even for unexperienced users.

Tech Digest Correspondent