BT launching new Phorm trials – users can join in (or opt out in HORROR) tomorrow


BT has announced some official-this-time new trials of Phorm’s controversial Webwise monitoring software – starting from tomorrow.

A select few BT users will be invited to join the latest and above-board trial of the ad-serving, browsing-monitoring software, with the pleasing result of seeing better targeted ads for Viagra as they mess about online…

O2 Wallet – using your phone as your Oyster/Paywave/etc card

Phone 0010.jpg

O2 have just completed a test of “near field communications”. It’s the technology used in Visa Paywave cards, Oyster cards, cards that let you into your block of flats, and all sorts of things. A similar sort of thing to the Barclaycard OnePulse card, but they want to put it into your phone so you don’t have to carry around a physical card. Good idea in theory. But what about in practice…?