Top 10 Tuesday: Best Christmas Gadgets

Welcome to Top 10 Tuesday's Best Christmas Gadgets. I know it's Wednesday but I forgot to post this yesterday and I couldn't sit on a red hot feature like this for another six days.

So, a little unconventionally is TD's TTT of all the best kit to make the festive period as brilliant and ludicrously techie as it can possibly be.

Top 10 Tuesday: Blurry Spy Shots of Gadgets

The art of the tech spy shot is a sophisticated one. There are a few rules that must be followed. Firstly, the product must be unreleased. Secondly, the product must be eagerly anticipated by at least a few people. Thirdly, and most importantly, when you take the shot, you have to shake your arm around as much as you possibly can, so that no-one can remotely see what's going on…

The Scan Toaster: concept USB gizmo burns pictures onto toast


There seems to be a fascination with burning recognisable images into toast, and we’ve covered quite a few already, but this concept (which I really hope Electrolux decide to make) is for a USB-powered Scan Toaster.

One of the nine finalists of this year’s DesignLab competition, the Scan Toaster can “print” news, weather, and pictures on to bread, and was developed by Sung Bae Chang of Sejong University in South Korea.

The concept is fairly simple. Plug in the toaster to a free USB port, place the bread, and the software will then start burning whatever it is you want.

I’m sure overzealous health and safety officers would instantly ban this should it ever make it to production. I suppose in an age of saving paper, this method of creating a hard copy of a document needn’t go to waste after being read. Just don’t try to fax it.

And now, for your stomach’s pleasure, here are the Top Ten Tech Toasties. If you can recreate these in an ordinary toaster, we’ll be really impressed. Click on the image below to see the whole gallery.

(Via OhGizmo)

The 10 YouTube videos we're STILL not bored of

vorderman-milf.jpgSome YouTube videos stay with you long after the first viewing. Sometimes because they have scarred and terrified you, other times because the sheer stupidity on display has lowered the bar further than previously thought possible.

Here are the 10 YouTube classics we go back to time and time again, for endless free entertainment – and have even considered trying to work out how to save to our computer just in case YouTube ever breaks or closes, such is their ‘national treasure’ status.

1. Carol Vorderman spelling out MILF on Countdown. Could literally watch this on a loop 24-hours-a day without any other form of stimulation whatsoever. Would pay to watch a three-hour loop of it at the cinema. Would buy an HD Blu-ray loop of it. And it’d still be hilarious in 2012. She doesn’t even understand, the poor thing…

Top 10 handmade cases for your Nintendo DS over on Crafty Crafty

ds%20case%20montage-thumb.jpg It’s approaching Winter, which means your Nintendo DS is getting chilly and needs rugging up. What? I’m not the only one who anthropomorphicises (it’s a word!) their DS, am I? Talks to it, dresses it, hugs it, makes sexy time with it…

Obviously I’m lying about the latter part, but dressing your portable games console is pretty fun, especially when there’s so many brilliant handmade efforts floating around teh interwebs. Abi at Crafty Crafty has created a top 10 list of all the best DS cases…