Xiao Digital Camera – Polaroid for the 21st Century


I was having a discussion with my girlfriend the other day about Polaroid Camera. She’s a big fan, but I always thought they represented the worst of both worlds between analogue and digital. Still, some people adore them, and if you’re one of them, then this product, straight out of Japan from toy company Tomy, might excite you.

At its core, it’s essentially just a camera with a printer strapped on. That might not sound particularly impressive, but it replicates exactly what the old Polaroid cameras used to do. The camera is a five megapixel jobby, and has infrared so that mobile phones can send their pics to the camera for printing purposes.

Style yourself ghetto-fabulous and abuse yourself crazy with Tomy's Mock U Rapper toys

mock_u_rappers5.jpg If you don’t get abused enough as is in the office environment, then the sadists amongst us will be probably wanting to head over to the Tomy website to pick up one of their new Mock U Rapper toys.

Choose between birds, monkeys or cows, who are all sat in trees bizarrely, and simply record a short message into the device, then et voila! The animals…