Amazon Kindle spotted in the wild, being read by The Onion editor of all people!


An Amazon Kindle, spotted in the wild! Can you imagine a rarer specimen being caught on camera? David Attenborough is positively trembling at the thought!

Unfortunately we weren’t the lucky ones to stalk the rare animal down on a barren US subway, with Dan Frommer from Silicon Alley Insider being the lucky shooter. Turns out it wasn’t any ol’ Kindle-using civilian either, it was actually Baratunde Thurston, the Online Editor for The Onion. We’re expecting the metaverse to self-implode at the irony, or at the very least a satire-dripping editorial on the online rag…

The Onion nails Pitchfork in spoof 'music' review

pitchfork.jpgI love Pitchfork as much as the next (indie) man: the barnstorming blog has become a key source of trusted reviews for many fans who’ve drifted away from the music press. But it can be occasionally a bit… po-faced. So huzzah for The Onion, which has lampooned the blog in a story titled ‘Pitchfork Gives Music 6.8’, covering an imaginary review of, well, all music ever.

The Onion's magazine cover featuring Mark Zuckerberg

Anyone who read my column yesterday on Facebook going Bluetooth should know all too well just how fatigued I am about writing about the social networking site. Infact, I know I’m not the only one, with plenty of people in the – erk I hate using this term – blogosphere refusing to write about it altogether…

Satirical newspaper The Onion creates partnership with MySpace

The maestros of satirical news, The Onion, confuzzle their readers every day and have just done the unthinkable – collaborated with MySpace in a ‘mutually beneficial partnership’. Last week they issued a press release announcing the collaboration, and their typical journalistic flair was evident in just the sub-heading alone. ‘THE ONION BRINGS JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY, CORRECT PUNTCUATION TO MYSPACE. Respected Pillar of Journalism Partners With Fledgling Unknown “Website”. The Onion Joins 40% Of Population In Starting Groundbreaking “Web Log”’…