users to get free The Cloud Wi-Fi access across UK

myspace.png users can now gain free access to over 7,000 Wi-Fi hotspots courtesy of The Cloud, thanks to a deal announced today.

When users connect to one of The Cloud’s wireless locations via their mobile device, they’ll be greeted with MySpace branding and multimedia content on the landing page. Presumably if they’ve not paid for access to the rest of the Internet, or have an iPhone, that’s as far as they’ll get…

iPhone UK launch: Everything you need to know about Apple's plans


So, Steve Jobs jetted over to London for this morning’s iPhone UK launch, announcing that the handset goes on sale on 9th November exclusively on O2, costing £269 if you sign up to an 18-month contract. We’ve been covering the launch in-depth, as you’d expect.

For the basic details of the UK iPhone, read our news story. If you want to see how things panned out at the launch, check Susi’s liveblog. Meanwhile, Alex has been doing the sums to work out exactly how much a UK iPhone will cost you in the long run.

iPhone UK launch: Does The Cloud Wi-Fi deal mean no Apple / Starbucks partnership in the UK?


Right, so Apple has announced that the iPhone will go on sale in the UK on 9th November, and us Brits will have free access to over 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspot run by The Cloud, which includes McDonalds, several football clubs and the entire financial district in London.

But what about Starbucks? In the US, Apple has tied up a deal with the coffee retailer to offer free Wi-Fi to iPhone and iPod Touch users, yet here in the UK, Starbucks’ Wi-Fi hotspots are run by… T-Mobile. Which is a rival to O2, the exclusive UK mobile operator for iPhone.

iPhone UK launch: Free iPhone Wi-Fi in City of London, McDonalds, and Arsenal / Chelsea / Manchester United stadia

iphone-wi-fi-the-cloud-uk.jpgThe news that Apple hasn’t shoehorned 3G into the UK iPhone will disappoint many people here, even if it wasn’t a huge surprise (not least because if the company had, can you imagine the backlash from iPhone users in the US?)

At the launch this morning, Steve Jobs said battery life is what’s stopping Apple releasing a 3G iPhone, with the claim that a 3G model’s talktime would be cut to 2-3 hours, rather than Apple’s preferred 5+. Instead, Jobs talked up the faster speed of Wi-Fi surfing, and offered us Brits the carrot of a deal with Wi-Fi hotspot provider The Cloud for free access through its 7,500 UK hotspots.