iPhone UK launch: Does The Cloud Wi-Fi deal mean no Apple / Starbucks partnership in the UK?



Right, so Apple has announced that the iPhone will go on sale in the UK on 9th November, and us Brits will have free access to over 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspot run by The Cloud, which includes McDonalds, several football clubs and the entire financial district in London.

But what about Starbucks? In the US, Apple has tied up a deal with the coffee retailer to offer free Wi-Fi to iPhone and iPod Touch users, yet here in the UK, Starbucks’ Wi-Fi hotspots are run by… T-Mobile. Which is a rival to O2, the exclusive UK mobile operator for iPhone.

Whether this means no Grande Double Lattes with iTunes downloads for us Brits or not remains to be seen. At the iPhone UK launch this morning, when asked Steve Jobs only said “You’ll have to ask Starbucks about that” with a smirk on his face. Which could mean anything.

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