mycloud: The Cloud launch a simpler solution to mobile WiFi access


the-cloud.jpgUK WiFi providers The Cloud have announced a new social networking-come-internet access service today imaginatively titled “mycloud” – well it was that or iCloud iSuppose.

The Cloud has been providing the open architecture for digital content providers, broadcasters, mobile carriers and ISPs for many a moon and they’ve started to recognise the frustration with the mobile internet end user.

One could be traveling around all sorts of pastures of the Queen’s country and come across WiFi hotspots run by any number of different ISPs – be they BT, FON, T-Mobile or The Cloud themselves – and you’d need accounts with every singe one and have some kind of tattered mess of user names and passwords to select every time you move 100 yards down the road. The idea behind mycloud is to make all this irrelevant and provide an umbrella service; a way to by-pass all of the nonsense with one account.

Your profile on mycloud will aggregate all the details you need and provide access in whatever WiFi zone you are in and this, of course, applies to domestic networks as well. In fact, your mate on mycloud will be able to share their WiFi details with you via the service so that you can pick up a signal with your laptop round at their place as arranged remotely and with ease days or months before.

The service is only in beta at the mo but existing subscribers can register at [email protected] and have a play themselves anywhere across the UK and Europe.

At last week’s press event, The Cloud was keen to be known as providers of a mobile internet solution whether it be WiFi, WiMax or whatever the future holds and I couldn’t help get the feeling that, interesting though mycloud, this is only the small part of a far greater plan perhaps somewhere akin to mobile internet domination – although hopefully without the ominous overtones.

At the end of the day we want it everywhere, we want it fast and we want it free and we’re not there yet. Nice to see we’re going the right way though.

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