Tech Digest Live: Testing reflective laptop screens on the beach

Seems like a good idea to test laptops on the beach, until you get to the beach. Where it’s cold. And windy. And raining. And suddenly you’re more worried about your camera and laptop breaking than seeing which screen is best for using outdoors.

Still, I soldered on – and you should’ve seen how happy the shopkeeper was when I bought that Cornetto! Definitely the first Cornetto he’s sold in 2008. Made his week.

So there you go. A stunning victory for the Portege R500, with its modern…

US Navy boasting about how hard its new railgun is

The US Navy has been boasting about its military might on the internet, releasing photos and videos of its magnetism-powered new railgun to the masses. It’s the sort of thing you expect of Middle-Eastern countries or North Korea, not the USA.

The US Navy boffins are so pleased with themselves and their awesome new way of keeping the world in check, they’ve put a few videos of their rail-gun being tested up on YouTube. Here’s one:

VIDEO: HI POWER HEAVY DUTY battery power test

Hey everyone. This week’s video is about batteries again. Sorry about that. but if you’re not interested in batteries you don’t HAVE to watch it. I’m not forcing you. I can’t force you, and even if I could I wouldn’t, as I’m actually like a kindly and gentle old grandma in real life.

So. Battery test. In a new and exciting universally standardised format. How long will the HI POWER HEAVY DUTY last?