Shell's biometric pump lets you pay for petrol with your fingers or thumbs


biometric-shell-pumps.jpgObviously your fingers will be need to be signed up to some sort of bank account first, as it’s your money not your DNA that Shell really wants.

Ten test locations in Chicago now let keen petrol pumpers pay for their “gas” with a biometric scanner, although it’s all a bit tedious, really. Users have to register first, scanning themselves in at a kiosk, then linking their finger to their favourite and most abused credit card. This is instead of just paying as normal. What happens if you want to impulse buy a Twix?

The system has one other major problem. It means you have to touch things that other people have touched with their DIRTY fingers. It’ll never catch on with compulsive hand washers. Also, wouldn’t you rather get mugged for your credit cards than your fingers?

Still, anything that helps reduce the amount of human interaction we have to endure during the day has got to be worth it.

(Via TG Dailt)

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