HubDub launches in the UK – make money betting on the news


Fancy a bet on news events, but aren’t keen on losing cold hard cash in these tough economic times? HubDub’s what you need. The fake-money news-betting site has been going strong in the US since February this year, but given that they’re based in Edinburgh, it was only a matter of time before they expanded to the UK.

The site’s live right now, and you can bet virtual Hubdub dollars on the outcome of such important factors as who’s going to get Christmas #1, whether Laura White from X-Factor will make a comeback, or who the next Dr Who will be. There’s slightly more high-brow questions too, like whether inflation will hit 6% by the year’s end or who’ll win the next election in the UK…

Web Mission 08 – UK tech start-ups hit Silicon Valley


Back in the ’60s if you were on pilgrimage to San Francisco chances are you were wearing flowers in your hair and pursuing a hippy dream. Today you are more likely looking for funding for your tech start-up. Which is a kitschy way of introducing the fact that for the next week or so I am going to be reporting/blogging from the undisputed tech capital of the world.

I am part of a trip called Web Mission 2008 in which twenty top UK start ups plus a few media hangers-on like myself and TechCrunch UK, are visiting the city to hopefully learn more about how to create a successful tech business…