Ignite NI announces 10 tech start ups for accelerator


Northern Ireland based accelerator IgniteNI has announced 10 start-ups selected to participate in its accelerator programme for growing technology companies.

Launching in Belfast on Monday 8th March and running until Friday the 28th May 2021, the IgniteNI Accelerator Programme handpicks a cohort of 10 of the most promising start-ups from around the world that can demonstrate traction and significant potential for future growth.

Through the three-month Accelerator Programme, these early-stage businesses are provided with financial support and mentorship, as well as exposure to a high-tier global network of entrepreneurs and investors. Demand for this year’s accelerator and pre-accelerator programmes was extremely high, claims the company, with IgniteNI receiving interest from around 1,100 start-ups in 35 countries.

Some of the most interesting start-ups on this year’s programme include Eolas Medical, a company harnessing the world’s medical knowledge to support global healthcare equity; PulseAI, a platform transforming cardiovascular diagnosis through AI; and Respiratory Analytics, a sensor technology and data analytics tool to control respiratory symptoms.

Each of the participants in the accelerator will receive between £23,000 and £28,000 in financial support, £250,000 in credits, investor lunches and nine months of office space in Belfast’s Ormeau Baths.

Ahead of this year’s IgniteNI Accelerator, IgniteNI Programme Director Chris McClelland, said: 

“There is a real sense of momentum here. Year on year the quality and approach of start-ups is getting better, reinforcing our belief that Northern Ireland’s reputation as a great place to start and grow a business.

“Over the last three years, we’ve seen a seismic shift in the venture capital that’s being invested in these companies and we believe this cohort is going to give us another leap forward.”

The 2021 IgniteNI Accelerator participants are as follows: 

    • BreatheHappy, Buckinghamshire, UK – BreatheHappy is an AI-assisted posture-correction platform for live-at-home yoga classes. 

    • CropSafe, Belfast, NI – CropSafe is a satellite data-powered platform that provides actionable insights into farmland.

    • Eolas Medical, Belfast, NI – Eolas medical is a physician-led Medtech start-up founded to harness the world’s medical information towards a future of equitable healthcare. 

    • Kniterate, Boston, US – Kniterate is a compact digital knitting machine designed for small fashion businesses, design studios, maker spaces and schools. Kniterate allows users to create and customise knitwear products like scarves, sweaters and dresses.

    • Konvi, Berlin, Germany – Konvi is an investment platform that enables users to invest in rare, high-end luxury items such as watches, handbags, art and cars.

    • LegitFit, Cork, Ireland – LegitFit is a software platform designed to streamline the process of managing fitness and health businesses while reducing cancellations and improving revenues. 

    • MedAll, Belfast, NI – MedAll strives to be the career passport for healthcare professionals. The platform enables medical professionals to store certificates and collect teaching, patient and multi-source feedback in a single location.

    • PulseAI, Belfast, NI – PulseAI is a Medtech platform founded to transform cardiovascular diagnosis through AI. The company specialises in AI-powered arrhythmia detection that enables better patient decision-making.

    • Respiratory Analytics, Derry, NI –, Respiratory Analytics uses sensor technology in an inhalation training device, combined with cloud-hosted data analytics to help control the symptoms of those with respiratory symptoms. 

    • X-15, Sussex, UK – X-15 is an enterprise asset management solution. The company builds industry-specific software systems for commercial and military clients. 

Chris Price
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