Seagate shows off Freeagent Theater HD Media Player


Last night Zara popped over to see Seagate and managed to grab a look at their latest release – the Freeagent Theater Media Player. It’s a dock that plugs into your TV which will play content – music, video and pictures – from any USB hard drive.

Bizarrely, although it claims to be “HD”, it doesn’t have an HDMI-out. Strange. Instead you can use scart or component output. But there’s a lot of media support – AVI, DivX, MPG4, and there’s also 8x of on-screen zoom available if that appeals to you.

Bit of a mixed bag overall, but if it floats your boat then you’ll be able to grab it for £90 within the next couple of weeks.

Seagate (via ShinyShiny)

Seagate Fail part two: firmware fix breaks other drives


Poor Seagate. Late last week, the news broke that their Barracuda 7200.11 1TB drives were failing en masse. Admirably, the company’s already published a firmware fix, but maybe they pushed it out a little too fast because it’s causing 500GB drive owners’ discs to fail en masse.

The update has been taken offline for the moment, and users of 1TB and 750GB drives are reporting successful updates, but if you’re on a 500GB drive and you’ve downloaded but not installed the update, then I certainly don’t recommend doing so just yet.

Seagate Forum (via Tom’s Hardware)

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Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 hard drives: Epic Fail


Hard drives crash from time to time, that’s a fact, but it seems that one particular type of Seagate drive is failing en masse, according to online accounts from annoyed customers.

The Barracuda 7200.11 1TB drive fails at boot time with a firmware error that locks the drive and makes in inoperable. Laughably, when the unit is returned, Seagate replaces it with the same model. The Register also suggests that you could pay Seagate twice by using its i365 company to recover the data before replacing the unit.

SHOCK: Seagate releases rap video and it's actually pretty awesome

When technology and rap meet, the results are usually catastrophically awful, but this… this is damn catchy. Seagate has sponsored a track – “Computer Friends” [Stack the Memory], made by the Sniper Twins, who are a pair of New York rappers that make awesome 8-bit influenced tracks. “Check out Salad Wrap”, on their MySpace, too. All together now… “it’s been a while, baby, on a thirty day trial, lady…”

Seagate (via TechCrunch)

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