Which Tech Are You? – DAB Radio Stations


Here’s the latest in our Which Tech Are You? series. DAB radios are cheaper now than they’ve ever been. If you’ve just got one, however, then you might be overwhelmed by choice. There are so many stations! Which do you listen to? Not 4music, for starters.

Calm down young one. Tech Digest is here to help. Just click “read more” below, pick your favourite band in each of ten rounds and based on your answers, we’ll suggest which station you should try out. Aren’t we nice?

Daily Downtime – free games and quizzes for your mobile

A new mobile service has come out of its beta testing period this week – Daily Downtime.

Daily Downtime’s unique in the mobile industry, in that it’s offering you mobile content for free. Yes, FREE! Simply sign up with your mobile number and a few details on its site and it’ll install itself on your phone. Whenever you want to kill a bit of time, simply fire up the app and download that day’s bundle of new content.