Spotify is wonderful, but it has five problems


It’s no secret that I love, adore, and worship Spotify. It’s far and away my favourite piece of software that’s emerged over the last year. The reason I love it so much is its simplicity, and the way it does nearly everything exactly right. You can see exactly why I love it from my original writeup here.

Yesterday, Spotify removed its invitation-only status in the UK. It’s been possible to sign up without an invite, via a bit of URL trickery, for a little while, but now it’s open to anyone. Go get your sisters, brothers, parents and neighbors signed up – they’ll love it. However, Spotify, for all its awesomeness, isn’t quite perfect. Here’s five reasons why.

ZlideOn solves all your zip-related problems


Got an old coat, rucksack, or perhaps a gimp suit, that you can no longer wear because the zip’s broken off? ZlideOn has the answer. It’s an awesome zip replacement that comes in two halves, which you just snap together over the zip’s teeth. Instantly your PVC catsuit is back in action.

These nifty things will sell for about $9 (six quid or so) and are available now.

ZipClip (via RedFerret)

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Apple iPod Touch under fire for dodgy screens, battery life


If you’ve been scanning the reports online, you might’ve heard the reports that the iPod Touch’s screen isn’t as good as the iPhone, contrary to expectations. Users have been complaining that it’s particularly noticeable when viewing dark photos or videos.

Well, it seems they weren’t making it up. Apple (via influential Wall Street Journal hack Walt Mossberg) has confirmed that some of the initial batch of iPod Touch devices DID have dodgy screens, and are working to sort the problem out.