Orange recalls Sony Ericsson W910i phones due to calling problems

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sony-ericsson-w910i-orange.jpgOof. There’s nothing worse than launching a hot new wannabe iPhone-killer, only to find it’s having problems, er, making and receiving phone calls. Such appears to be the case with Sony Ericsson’s new W910i, or at least the models sold on UK operator Orange.

The fault apparently involves the handset switching itself off within 10 seconds of using the phone function, as well as not being able to answer incoming calls. Sony Ericsson and Orange have already made a joint statement on the matter, saying it’s all in hand:

“Sony Ericsson and Orange recognised an early problem with a small number of W910i’s which prompted a recall of the first batch of product from Orange stores. This issue has now been fixed and the W910i is selling well in Orange Retail.”

(via Pocket Lint)

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  • Hi there,

    we have the same issue with the 580 I new phone, switches off when answered or opening a text, screen goes blank and then closes down !!

  • it isnt just a small number ive had 5 w910i from orange and everyone has had a fault, and then they tried to replace it with another faulty phone the Samsung U600, they also never recalled them, as i had to send mine back to them every time. The only solution provided was to master reset the phone everytime it happened

  • Hello Friends, I am from India and I purchase the latest handset of Sony Ericsson W 580i and problem which occurs in W 910i . Is is also occurs in W 580i Too. Answer me if any one has this phone.

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