CES 2009: World's first projector phone


I’ll be honest here – I’ve never sat there with my phone and wished I could project its contents onto a handy flat surface, but I recognise that there’s a few situations it might come in handy – a camping trip, or impromptu business meeting, perhaps.

Well, even if there’s not much demand, Logitech Wireless has a solution regardless. It’s the “Logic Bolt”. It’s got an inbult projector, which can throw a 64″ image onto any white, flat, surface that you desire. It’s also got GPS, a 3-megapixel camera and a touchscreen. Not exactly pretty though, is it?

(via ShinyShiny)

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Happy Birthday, Google Chrome – 1.0 today


The browser the world didn’t demand has come out of beta today, with Google releasing a “1.0” version of its Chrome web toy for a largely disinterested world to not bother with once again.

You’re probably reading this in Firefox or Internet Explorer, so it won’t mean much, but the few Chrome users out there will be pleased to know that Google reckons Chrome is now less buggier, up to 1.5 times faster at loading Java…