SHINY VIDEO PREVIEW: Medion Akoya P8610 media centre laptop

Here’s the Medion Akoya P8610 which I got a sneaky look at just before Christmas, but only just remembered to post. To recap from our original post, it’s a good, cheap, multimedia laptop, with oodles of features. High specs, too – with a dual core processor, 4GB of RAM, dolby audio system and dedicated graphics. Impressive, and perfect for hooking up to a home cinema setup. Yours for £800.

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Medion launches Akoya P8610 18" media centre notebook


Medion, the mid-range laptop producer who sell great machines at surprisingly low prices, yesterday announced the Akoya P8610 at Dolby’s sound laboratories in deepest darkest Soho. It’s a whopping 18.4″ beast of a machine, with Blu-ray drive, and some awesome Dolby sound-enhancing technology. Let’s take a look in more detail.

The aforementioned 18.4″ screen runs at 1,680 x 945 resolution, which the astute among you will recognise as 16:9 aspect ratio. The Dolby audio system will happily output in 5.1 surround, or alternatively you can use the surround virtualisation filter on a stereo signal to make it sound like it’s a surround source, either on a speaker system or on headphones.