Optoma launches 400 and 400+ series projectors with 4000 lumens

Businesses and education establishments will have brighter, higher resolution presentations across their boardrooms, meeting rooms and classrooms, claims Optoma, with the company's latest range of multipurpose professional projectors. Designed to replace legacy LCD projectors with a similar throw, the six new models EH400+, EH400, W400+, W400, X400+ and X400 offer bright 4,000 lumens and long…

Optoma takes the wraps off its HD82 ThemeScene high-end projector


LCDs and Plasmas get big, but for a MASSIVE screen, you can’t beat a projector. Optoma’s latest addition to its ThemeScene range is the HD82, which will project a vast 150″, high definition picture onto a wall, ceiling, or even onto a shower curtain, if you so desire.

It’s got a whopping 20,000:1 contrast ratio, 680:1 ANSI contrast, and 1080p full HD. It claims ‘near-silent’ operation, and the bulb should last 3,000 hours in standard mode. Connectivity-wise, there’s two HDMI ports, component input, Scart, DVI and VGA, so there’s very few things you won’t be able to plug in. It’ll be available this month, and cost £3000.

Optoma Projectors

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Optoma Pico portable projector – pack 60 inches in your pocket


Here’s the Optoma Pico pocket projector, for all the “must beam something onto a wall” moments that occur so frequently on the go. No, I’m being mean, there’s a whole wealth of uses for something like this – especially because it can project an impressive 60″ picture from 2.6m away.

It’s the perfect thing for showing off your holiday photos round your parents’ house, or entertaining a nephew by letting him play his Wii on a 60″ screen, rather than the crappy little 17″ TV he’s stuck with. There’s umpteen thousand business uses, too…

Optoma launches two GameTime projectors for massive gaming parties


Optoma continues to push out consumer projectors with the launch of two GameTime models.

The GT-3000 is an SVGA-resolution DLP projector featuring a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, 2,300 lumens brightness, and matching speakers. It’s targeted at Wii users, being finished in an ice white design.

The GT-7000 is an HD-ready projector featuring 4,000:1 contrast ratio, 1,600 lumens brightness, and matching 2.1-channel speakers…