Blow your iPhone movies up to 70 inches with Optoma pk120 projector

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Optoma-pk120.jpgBigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to movies, we cant help but love seeing them on the most ginormous screen available. Retina display or not, the iPhone screen just can’t cut it for us cinematic connoisseurs at Tech Digest. Which is why we’re very excited by the prospect of the Optoma pk120 projector.

Supporting iPhones, iPod Touch players and iPads, this Pico projector will beam videos onto your wall at sizes of as much as 70 inches.

Complete with 2GB of memory, it’ll also be compatible with 32GB SD cards, letting you take a fair chunk of video content in your back pocket within the 60 x 117 x 21mm, 145g projector.

0.5W speakers deliver audio, while VGA, universal AV and USB inputs can also be used for pushing out projections. No brightness stats have been released by Optoma yet, but contrast ratio clocks in at 2,000:1.

A pity then that the battery life lasts only an hour and a half. Better keep a charger handy if you’re hoping on sitting through The Lord of the Rings trilogy then.

Available now, you’re looking at around £180 for the Optoma pk120 projector.

Gerald Lynch
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