Sony planning ANOTHER PS3 controller? Two-piece "breakable" motion concept ready to be shown


Sony is planning to clone Nintendo’s Wiimote, astonishingly, with a two-piece motion controller for PlayStation3 almost ready to be unveiled – and the DualShock3 isn’t even out in Europe yet.

The PS3 concept currently resembles a traditional PlayStation controller, only with the ability to snap apart into two pieces – each with a motion-detecting accelerometer inside it, just like the popular wavy Wii controller…

Man invented the Nintendo Wii eight years ago, in his underpants, using a Dreamcast

This footage is, allegedly, of an ex-Midway developer. Using his Dreamcast, his glorious, beautiful Dreamcast, he pretty much designed and built a control system identical to that which now powers the Nintendo Wii’s little motion sensitive remote. Only this was built back in the year 2000, when Nintendo was a distant third place in the console race thanks to no one really being that bothered about the N64 and its Gamecube still a distant dream that wouldn’t flop onto European shelves until 2002.

Here is some actual, visual proof – as if more was needed! – that Dreamcast was way ahead of its time and a misunderstood victim that deserved so much better: