First dog re-homed via Twitter


Meet Gia. Gia is an Irish Water Spaniel, and she’s not the first dog to be re-homed via Twitter. But she nearly was. Let me explain further.

It started with a tweet from @dogstrust, reading “Irish Water Spaniel or classic pic of Kevin Keegan?“. One follower replied, whose mum was considering getting a dog. She lived near Dogs Trust Ballymena, so after doing a little bit of research, headed over to the centre that afternoon.

They checked out Gia, and after finding her a little “big and hyper”, instead picked up a Pomeranian cross called Suzie. Suzie moved in today. It’s the first time any animal charity has successfully used Twitter to re-home an animal, so congratulations, Dogs Trust! Gia’s still looking for a home, so if you like what you see above, get in touch!

Dogs Trust Blog (via Dogs Trust Twitter)

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How Facebook nearly bought Twitter


When it comes to Social Networking sites, Facebook is the current undisputed king. When it comes to microblogging and ‘status update’, however, Twitter rules. Facebook knows this, which is why it offered US$500 million’s worth of stock to Twitter, three weeks ago, to buy it.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, Twitter rebuffed the offer. There were concerns that $500 million of Facebook stock wasn’t actually worth $500 million, as well as worries over how Facebook would integrate the service into the site.

Lastly, it seems that Twitter wants to have a go at seeing if it can make any actual revenue itself first, before letting someone else try. After all, despite having considerable outgoings in server, SMS and staff costs, Twitter doesn’t actually make any money at all. Yet.

Facebook gets cross-platform blogging application: Blog It from Six Apart


Hoping to appeal to high-powered bloggers who own multiple blogs and have a strong presence on Facebook, Six Apart has launched the Blog It application to let users update their blogs and “microblogs” directly from Facebook.

Six Apart are the creators of TypePad, amongst other services, but wanted to create an application that allows a wide range of platforms to be updated. Around a dozen popularw blogging platforms — including WordPress, Movable Type, Vox, and Blogger — can be updated, as well as microblogging services such as Twitter and Pownce…

Microblogging site Jaiku sold to Google for undisclosed sum

Very exciting news, everyone! Whilst you’re busy tripping out on In Rainbows this morning, here’s something that will send you into a spin – the microblogging start-up, Jaiku, got acquired by Google yesterday.

Created by possibly the nicest man in the web 2.0 world, Jyri Engeström, they put the news up on their site yesterday. “Wonderful Jaiku users, Exciting news, Jaiku is joining Google! While it’s too soon to comment on specific plans, we look forward to working with our new friends at Google over the…