YouTube inks deal with X-factor producers FremantleMedia


YouTube’s content team are working overtime this week. Shortly after signing a deal with MGM, they’ve just managed to bag one with FremantleMedia too – the producers responsible for the X-Factor, the various ‘Idol’ shows, Britain (and America)’s Got Talent, Neighbors, and the Bill. Freemantle’s owners also own Channel 5.

Like MGM, it’s doubtful whether they’re suddenly going to start uploading every episode of Neighbors ever onto the service, but they might put up choice clips, complete with advertising. And again, it also means that they’ll probably be taking down a lot of “illegal” unofficial clips that fans have uploaded. Ah well, if you’re watching the Bill on YouTube then something’s a little bit wrong with you anyway.


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CONFIRMED: MGM to offer full-length films on YouTube


As we reported last Thursday, full-length movies are going to be hitting YouTube in the near future, and we now know that they’re going to come from 84-year-old film studio MGM. The studio has suffered financial trouble in recent years.

It’ll initially be uploading ancient episodes of American Gladiators, but following that, it’ll be putting up classics like Bulletproof Monk and The Magnificent Seven. There’ll also be officially-sanctioned clips from newer films like Legally Blonde. Unfortunately, as part of the deal, they’ll also be taking down thousands of user-uploaded clips from the James Bond and Rocky movies…

Paramount and Dreamworks go exclusively HD DVD: Disney, Fox, MGM try hitting back for Blu-ray

Two Hollywood studios who had previously been supporting both Blu-ray and HD DVD high definition disc formats yesterday announced that they’ll support HD DVD exclusively from now on.

The decision was made based on “extensive evaluation” of the current market offerings, plumping for HD DVD because of its “market-ready technology” and lower manufacturing costs.

CEO of Paramount Pictures, Brad Grey, said that this decision by the two studios would bring a critical mass of current box office hits to consumers, with a line-up perfect for HD DVD.

Though no other studio has swapped format, Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, and MGM, all reaffirmed their commitment to Blu-ray, promising many more titles with greater interactivity — something that the format still lags behind HD DVD on thanks to technical limitations of the original Blu-ray specification.