Facebook lifting 5,000 friend limit is "a fake rumor" according to Loic Le Meur


This is Robert Scoble. He has too many friends on Facebook as you can see. Many others share similar plights – Jason Calacanis, comedian Jimmy Carr, heck – even Yoko Ono.

French blogger-turned web entrepreneur, Loic Le Meur (see my video interview with him here), whilst approaching that 5,000 friend limit fast, has published a post on his personal blog, drenching water all over that fiery hot rumour of recent times, that Facebook was soon to be lifting the 5,000 friend limit, claiming “it was a fake rumor”…

20 things I learnt from Le Web 3.0 in Paris: VCs aren't spending, everyone has a video site and no one loves Facebook anymore


If you have been lurking about on Techdigest in the last week or so you’ll know that a few of us have been in Paris at the Le Web 3.0 show. It is the one time of the year when a small part of the French capital morphs into a mini Silicon Valley with lots of entrepreneurs, VCs, web gurus, bloggers and assorted hangers on listening to key note speeches from internet superstars and networking like crazy over radioactive coffee.