Finally, iPhone US launch date announced: Friday 29th June

Those who haven’t been attending the iPhone pre-launch party (and why not? Don’t tell me you don’t care) may not be aware quite how many rumours have been surrounding the date that Apple’s first smartphone will launch in the US.

While Apple rumours are nothing unusual, iPhone hype has been so strong that it seems as if every day in June has had a believable reason attached for Apple dropping the iPhone into AT&T stores.

Admittedly, journalist’s cousins overhearing junior AT&T staff talking about a release date isn’t hugely confidence building, but it hasn’t stopped the stories being published.

Anyway, this is just a long-winded way of reiterating what the title of this article has already made perfectly clear: Apple has officially announced the day that the iPhone will be available to buy in the States.

Friday 29th June.