Battlefield 3 has Call of Duty and Modern Warfare in its sights, says EA CEO

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It wont just be a war in-game with Battlefield 3, says EA CEO John Riccitiello, but also a marketing assualt on all fonts against Activision’s as-yet-unannounced Call of Duty title too.

Speaking at the Ad Age Conference, Riccitiello said that Battlefield 3’s sights are squarely locked onto Activision’s flagship franchise, and is “designed to take [Call of Duty] down”.

As much as “a couple hundred million dollars [worth of] marketing against these two products” will be on the way said the CEO, so expect TVs and billboards to be rammed full of guns and explosions come the holiday period.

Battlefield 3 is looking absolutely stunning. We we’re treated to a live demo yesterday afternoon, but have our lips sealed until tomorrow over what went down and what was revealed. However, we now have a rough guess as to the game’s release date courtesy of a suspected EA Download Manager cock-up, which inadvertedly revealed the games launch as November 2nd.

Click above to see the awesome reveal trailer. We’ll have a full Battlefield 3 preview in the next few days so check back soon for more info.

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  • This is really a very cool blog, thanks a great deal for this! I’ve read a great deal about this topic in the past and I agree with you.

  • Lets face it it will either be some utter fantastic success like Battlefield 2 or a disaster. I am hoping they pull it out of the bag and slap COD back into its place.

  • EA are getting it allll wrong yet again!

    A few reasons why Battlefield 3 wont outsell COD…

    1.To patriotic,only has American soldiers in it,people are REALY fed up with this old formula “Woo Yeah Go Team USA USA”,people love how Modern Warfare changed this because it has British S.A.S,New Zealand S.A.S etc in it,giving it a more realistic spin on what Modern warfare is about.EA made the exact same mistake with Medal Of Honour Tier 1 and promised it wouldnt be a patriotic flag waving go team USA peice,and thats exactly what it turned out to be lol,many people world wide didnt buy it because it didnt have the S.A.S in it. If you want to kill COD you have to cater for the UK market and not just the US market as these are 2 of the biggest gaming markets for western games.

    2.COD and Battlefeild’s online are 2 diffrent beasts,COD’s is very fast paced and fun in any kind of match,Battlefeilds is more tactical so hardcore COD players wont like Battlefeild 3 if its too tactical,then if Battlefeild 3 trys to copy COD and be less tactical it will alienate the fan base that Battlefeild already has.

    Its all very well shelling out $100 Million to promote the game but the game has to sell its self. I think Battlefeild will sell well simply because of its pretty graphics,it will have some “short” sucess online just like Medal Of Honour,but wont trump COD.

    Im realy looking forward to Modern Warfare 3,sure they dont have a new graphics engine wich sucks,but im still happy playing all COD’s from COD 2 all the way through to Black Ops,and i cant wait to play the S.A.S boys again and see a whole new story with Price,Soap,Ghost and all the rest of the boys.

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