"Weapon of mosquito destruction" developed


I generally wouldn’t want to cause harm to any living creatures (we found a mouse in my flat a few weeks ago, and I wanted to reason with it), but mosquitoes are very much another story. As far as I’m concerned, the little bloodsuckers are very much fair game. And for those not feeling the classic ‘rolled up newspaper’ approach, a scientist has come up with the world’s first automated mosquito laser.

Learn to play guitar with LASERS


I’m afraid, before you get too excited, that this is a concept product. It’s an awesome idea, though – using lasers to teach people songs, highlighting the appropriate frets to press down.

Of course there’s the small issue of your fingers blocking the light, and it’d have to be clamped onto the guitar very tightly indeed to prevent the lasers going astray, but with those caveats aside, this could be a great way to nail those tricky solos.

(via Dvice)

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CES 2009: Victorinox presents the Presentation Pro Swiss Army Knife


Many of the companies exhibiting at CES have been going for years, but one company is making its first trip – Switzerland’s Victorinox. The makers of the original Swiss Army Knife are exhibiting this – the “Presentation Pro”, which comes with a flip-out 32GB USB drive.

Your data will be protected by a fingerprint scanner, and there’s a laser pointer and bluetooth remote, as well as the standard knife, scissors and nail file. It’ll be shipping in May in the US, and it’ll cost $330 (£216). Just don’t take it on business trips abroad.

Victorinox (via Engadget)

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