Triggertrap: Laser-activated photography start-up pushes for funding

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Photographers professional and casual alike have another tool they can add to their arsenal of picture snapping gadgets today in the shape of Triggertrap.

Designed by writer and photographer Haje Jan Kamps, Triggertrap is a brand new concept that allows photos to be taken automatically by any number of triggers, and is compatible with many camera systems, DSLR or compact.

A device that comes with a light sensor, Triggertrap can be programmed to be activated by a laser pointer, or when a laser light beam is broken by something passing through it.

Based on an open-source Arduino platform, Triggertrap is flexible enough to be programmed to activate your shutter by a multitude of external means, be that a loud sound like a clap, or even the opening of cookie jar if you’re wondering which member of the family is dipping their hand in for a secret midnight feast. An auaxiliary port allows for any number of hardware triggers to be added too.

Triggertrap also allows for non-linear time lapses to be shot, configured to increase or decrease the interval between the shot and giving the impression that a photographed scene is speeding up or slowing down.

Having already crowd-sourced $60,000 worth of investment, Triggertrap’s Jan Kamps is now pushing for $100,000 to take the product to the masses.

You can pre-order the Triggertrap now however to ensure you’re among those to bag one of the first production batch. Shipping in October, pre-ordered now for $75 + $5 shipping via Kickstarter until 31 July 2011. After that, the price increases to $125.

For more info, visit the Triggertrap website here.

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