Ireland gets 'three-strikes' policy for music downloads


Meanwhile, over the Irish Sea, the four major music labels have just come to an agreement with Eircom (Ireland’s equivalent of BT) to cut off persistent downloaders after two warnings – the famous “three strikes” approach to music piracy.

Ireland joins France in being the only countries in the world to implement the system, which alienates ISP customers, especially as people get accused of things they’ve not done on a regular basis. The labels say that they’re going to take “all necessary steps” to get other ISPs to follow suit, though I anticipate there’ll be a considerable amount of resistance, especially when they see customers deserting Eircom in their droves.

(via Irish Times)

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iPhone coming to Ireland on Friday 14th March — NO UNLIMITED DATA PLAN

O2 Ireland has announced that the iPhone will finally come to the Republic on Friday, 14th March. The 8GB version will cost €399 and the 16GB version €499.

There are three tariffs available — €45, €65, and €100 per month — but GET THIS. There will be NO unlimited data plan available. A monthly 1GB cap on data will be imposed, with excess data use charged at 2c per MB. Ouch!