Nokia teams with Microsoft for Windows Live apps on smartphones

n95-microsoft.jpgUntil recently, Nokia and Microsoft have been fierce competitors in the smartphone market, certainly in terms of their rival operating systems (Series 60 vs Windows Mobile). However, that rivalry is shifting to something friendlier, and fast.

See, just a couple of weeks after Nokia announced plans to put Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM inside its Series 60 handsets, it’s now revealed that it’s also going to preload Windows Live applications like Hotmail, Messenger, Contacts and Spaces on its smartphones, with Series 40 devices to follow next year.

Spammers crack open 'captcha' codes, report suggests

captcha_code.gifA report from security firm BitDefender suggests that spammers may have found a way to automatically break through certain types of graphical “captcha” code.

“Captchas” are used in an attempt to restrict certain online registrations and other interactions to real human beings, rather than automated robots. They’re a fairly controversial method that are supposed to reduce the amount of spam circulating the web, but are difficult or impossible for some humans to read, as well as adding another level of complexity to simple processes.

Hotmail is 10 this month

Yes it's another web birthday: Hotmail is 10 years old this month! Woo-hoo… Officially launched by entrepreneurs Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in November 1996, it has become the most used web-based email service on the planet. As seems fitting…