OpenAI launches GPT-4o, electric truck firm Tevva seeks emergency funding


So no, OpenAI didn’t roll out a search engine competitor to take on Google at its May 13, 2024 Spring Update event. Instead, OpenAI unveiled GPT-4 Omni (or GPT-4o for short) with human-like conversational capabilities, and it’s seriously impressive.  Beyond making this version of ChatGPT faster and free to more folks, GPT-4o expands how you can interact with it, including having natural conversations via the mobile or desktop app. Considering it’s arriving on iPhone, Android, and desktop apps, it might pave the way to be the assistant we’ve all always wanted (or feared). Tech Radar 

Get ready for a whole lot of AI news coming out of Google’s developer-focused I/O conference. The company is showing off key products like its flagship Gemini AI model at the event, which must prove itself as a worthy contender against OpenAI’s GPT-4 and its new and faster iteration, GPT-4o. Google is also presenting updates to its smaller and open-sourced “Gemma” AI products. All this AI news at Google I/O doesn’t mean we won’t see more Android phone advancements, as the two go hand in hand. The Verge

GCHQ now “devotes more resource to China than any other single mission,” according to the intelligence agency’s director, Anne Keast-Butler. China poses an “epoch-defining challenge” to the UK, she said at CyberUK, the National Cyber Security Centre’s conference in Birmingham. Last week, Sky News discovered China had hacked the Ministry of Defence’s payroll system and in March, Chinese hackers were accused of stealing data about UK voters from the Electoral Commission. Sky News 

A UK aircraft has tested ground-breaking quantum technology that could pave the way for an unjammable back-up for GPS navigation systems. The government, which helped fund the research, said it was the first test of its kind to be publicly acknowledged. While GPS is satellite-based, the new system is quantum-based – a term used to describe tech that is reliant on the properties of matter at very small scales. Science minister Andrew Griffith said the test flights were “further proof of the UK as one of the world leaders on quantum”. BBC

An electric truck start-up founded by an entrepreneur dubbed the Elon Musk of Essex is on the brink of administration as it seeks an emergency rescue deal. Essex-based Tevva Motors has filed a notice to appoint administrators after failing to secure enough investment to keep the company afloat. The notice buys the company temporary legal protection from creditors during a last-ditch effort to find additional funds. Telegraph 

Last month some hands-on images leaked showing the upcoming Google Pixel 9 Pro, and today the same source is back with more. Not only does the Pixel 9 Pro star in these leaked hands-on images, but it’s joined by the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro XL too.

Google Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL all shown in hands-on images

In case you’re surprised, note that the Pixel 9 Pro XL name hasn’t been ‘confirmed’ yet, but Google is going to launch three high-end slab-style devices this year, which we’re tentatively calling the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL. GSMArena

AirTag-like trackers are finally coming to Android in the coming weeks and, ahead of that, Apple has finally implemented alerts for “unwanted trackers” in iOS 17.5. Apple today announced iOS 17.5 which, as 9to5Mac details, brings upgrades to Apple’s News+ app on iPhone and iPad. But the much bigger news, at least from the Android perspective, is that iOS 17.5 finally sees Apple implement the “unwanted tracker” alerts based on the industry spec for “Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers” (DULT).  9to5Google

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