I take back those insults aimed at Universal yesterday, Heroes season 1 & 2 Blu-ray announced


Need another reason to justify that expensive Blu-ray player? Universal, who I reported yesterday had announced this year’s Blu-ray releases, will be launching both the first and second series of Heroes on August 26th.

Last year the first season was on HD DVD which obsessives such as myself had to import from the US in order to watch, but up until now, there hadn’t been any announcement regarding the second series, or the move to Blu-ray for both of them. The August launch date will be global supposedly,…

Hulu, purported 'YouTube killer' to show Heroes and 24 for free, and legally

hula-hoop.jpgKiller this, killer that, blah blah blah this site will kill off that site, aren’t we all getting a bit sick of these murderous new sites and products? Still, it’s Halloween, so a good time to report on a potential YouTube ‘killer’, Hulu.

From today, the site being backed by NBC Universal and News Corp., will begin a private beta, featuring content from Sony Pictures Television, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. When it fully launches, it’ll be free to viewers, with revenue being made through advertising on the 90-odd TV shows. Big-name shows such as Heroes, House, 24 and The Simpsons will be featured alongside retro throw-backs like Miami Vice and…

NBC Universal pulls TV shows from iTunes: no more Heroes for iPod owners


It’s just a few days since Apple finally started selling TV shows on the UK iTunes Store for £1.99 a pop, but it’s now facing a serious hiccup over in the US.

NBC Universal has just announced that it won’t be renewing its deal to sell shows like Heroes (pictured), The Office and Battlestar Galactica through iTunes. NBCU apparently is responsible for 30% of digital video sales through the iTunes Store, so it’s quite a blow for Apple. Although in fairness, it’s also a bunch of own-nose-biting lost revenue for NBCU.