Buffalo launches BitTorrent-friendly LinkStation Quad: up to 4TB of storage


Buffalo has really pushed the boat out with its latest high capacity hard drive. The LinkStation Quad can store up to four terabytes of data, be that multimedia, backup, or other data, and allows web access to those files plus media streaming to an iPhone.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a built-in BitTorrent client which allows files to be downloaded directly to the device, after configuring from a PC control panel, without the need for other computers to remain powered up. How quickly can you fill up four terabytes?…

Killjoy company Paraben launching anti-porn network download analyser


If you spend your lunch break positioning your monitor so no one else can see it and happily browsing through Raven Riley’s charming online photography albums while you deep-throat a Gregg’s sausage roll – YOUR TIME IS UP, SICKO.

Network safety specialist Paraben has revealed the latest development in its world of computerised forensics, a file-scanner that, no doubt thanks to everyone at Paraben spending ages analysing all kinds of porn themselves, can identify porn photos on users’ computers and instantly grass the offender up to the boss. If you’re a fan of beach volleyball you’d better start being more careful…

Buffalo updates MiniStation TurboUSB drive, makes it Mac friendly


Buffalo’s MiniStation TurboUSB hard drive, launched back in February, has had a bit of a makeover to make it more friendly to Mac users.

In truth, it’s always been usable with OS X, but now the casing has turned a shade of white, which possibly makes it more attractive to Apple-ites.

Four capacities — 160GB, 250GB, 320GB and 500GB — and fully compatible with OS X’s Time Machine, or indeed any other software backup solution you might happen to use…

LaCie intros "Internet Space" networked hard drive


I love the concept of accessing my home media files from a mobile device while on the road, but the downside (particularly in these eco-conscious, penny-watching times) is that the computer being accessed has to be powered on.

For those feeling a bit guilty about that, but still wanting to be able to view their hilarious home videos, or the latest Dido album, while out-and-about, here’s a nifty solution from LaCie.

The “Internet Space” is a network hard disk which can be accessed from the Internet even if all the home computers are switched off. Using LaCie’s HipServ technology, users can connect to the drive by visiting HomeLaCie.com and authorising themselves…

Buffalo announces super-thin NanoStation 60GB portable hard drive


Buffalo has announced its first 1.8-inch portable hard drive. The NanoStation HD-PT60U2 is the same size as three stacked credit cards (6mm thin),weighs 56 grams, and has a 60GB capacity.

It features easy-to-use backup and synchronisation software, as well as mobile applications including Firefox and Thunderbird. Buffalo’s SecureLockMobile software should prevent unauthorised data access if the drive goes walkabout…

Microsoft offers memory cards and subsidised hard drives to low-end Xboxers

xbox360.jpgOwners of spec-challenged Xbox 360s hoping to get onboard the new Experience are being handed a lifeline by Microsoft. The company has graciously decided to give away free 512MB memory cards, or dirt cheap 20GB hard drives, to anyone with a pitiful Xbox having less than 128MB of storage space.

Active Xbox users can get the hard drive for £12.99, while inactive ones must pay £19.99…

Buffalo's new DriveStation USB hard drives with Power Saving mode


Buffalo has announced the launch of five new external USB hard drives featuring a Power Saving Utility that will put the device into “sleep mode” when not in use, saving 75% of energy. That, coupled with TurboUSB software that speeds data transfer rates, makes these drives ideal for data backup.

The drives also feature Secure Lock Ware Encryption software for Windows that aids in securing files stored on the disc…

Toshiba launches tough and stylish portable USB 2.0 hard drives


Toshiba today announced the availability of three new portable hard drives, all with stylish, durable casing for keeping data safe on the move.

The Gecko Green drive can store 160GB of data and is also ideal as an external drive for a desktop computer.

The Hot Rod Red 250GB drive is great for users with larger amounts of data, particularly multimedia, while the largest capacity drive is the Carbon Grey model, with 320GB of storage…