GMail gets offline access


Picture the scenario – you’re at home, and your internet connection’s gone down. You want to ring the providers, but all the info is in your GMail, and you can’t get to it, because you’ve got no internet connection! What do you do? You stop panicking, because you’re turned on offline access for GMail.

It’s a new feature for the popular webmail client that’ll allow users to keep a local cache of their messages so that if your internet connection drops for some reason, then you’ll still have complete access. It’ll also work in situations with no connection at all – on a plane, for example, or a bus.

To activate offline access, go to the Labs section of your GMail. It should be in the list there. If it’s not yet (it’s not for me) then give it a few hours and it should show up. Once activated, click the “Offline 0.1” link in the upper righthand corner to set everything up.

(via Official GMail Blog)

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Suck up to your iPhone with the iFlyz Media Stand


iFlyz (so named, presumably, because the company manufactures stuff that’s useful on flights) has announced its Media Stand for the iPhone. This ingenious piece of kit is basically a strong sucker (patented suction cap, no less) on a long flexible arm and clamp.

It will attach to the back of an iPhone or iPod Touch by the power of spit, though given my success with suction caps over the year (no rude jokes, please) I’d be wary of trusting it to iPhone’s protected by leather or silicone cases…

Ofcom approves in-flight mobile use for UK and European mile-high texting


Phone regulator OFCOM has given the go-ahead for UK-registered planes to allow passengers to use their mobiles during flights. Five hours next to a businessman discussing proposals and changes to PowerPoint slides? Can’t wait.

The system lets you use your own mobile, which connect to an onboard base station – which redirects you incredibly important text message about what everyone’s having for dinner tonight to your Earth-based friend. The rules require planes…

The Airbus A380 makes it through its first commercial flight

Singapore_Airlines_A380.jpgSingapore Airlines pulled off a next-gen aeroplane first yesterday, with the first ever commercial flight of the vast double decker Airbus A380. There wasn’t even one fireball over the Indonesia as flight SQ380 successfully made it all the way from Singapore to Sydney in one very large piece.

“The flight was spectacular, just truly awesome,” said Thomas Lee, one of the passengers – a man who’s so into his planes he was also one of the first passengers on the inaugural 747 flight back in 1970…