Suck up to your iPhone with the iFlyz Media Stand



iFlyz (so named, presumably, because the company manufactures stuff that’s useful on flights) has announced its Media Stand for the iPhone. This ingenious piece of kit is basically a strong sucker (patented suction cap, no less) on a long flexible arm and clamp.

It will attach to the back of an iPhone or iPod Touch by the power of spit, though given my success with suction caps over the years (no rude jokes, please) I’d be wary of trusting it to iPhone’s protected by leather or silicone cases.

There are no rules to say that you can only use this stand while flying. It wouldn’t look out of place on a desk or bedside table, though you’d look pretty stupid walking down the road making a phone call with it still attached.

It’ll cost $36.95 (about £25) to get it shipped to the UK.

Product page (via Coolest Gadgets)

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