Daily Tech Hotlinks for 18-June-2007: China, Sony, closed captioning, text speak, Blu-ray

– China is blaming the internet for 80% of juvenile crime, including murders, such as the case of the 16year old boy who killed his parents for refusing to give him money to go to a cybercafe.
– Shock! Horror! Sony’s PR department actually does some work, and apologises to The Church of England for the Resistance: Fall of Man business. Next shock: Sony actually releases quality video games!
– Could closed captioning be coming to web videos, for those hard of hearing who simply must watch the video of two otters holding hands?
– The British Goverment…

Daily Tech Hotlinks for 15-June-2007: eBay, CNet, Safari for Windows, Microsoft, Sony, 1up

– eBay has been involved in a legal battle over the ‘Buy It Now’ button for six years now, and in the latest court proceedings, the judge has delayed his ruling, no doubt busy buying up on McDonalds meals toys on eBay instead.
– Andrew Lim from CNet.co.uk is a very brave soul indeed, as he recently embarked on an 8-step technology detox, going several weeks without any forms of technology. Gasp! Horror of horrors – I honestly don’t think I could survive.
– Safari for Windows may’ve only been released on Tuesday, but already Apple has released an update, including ‘correction for a command injection vulnerability, corrected with additional processing and validation of URLs that could otherwise lead to an unexpected termination of the browser;…