Daily Tech Hotlinks for 15-June-2007: eBay, CNet, Safari for Windows, Microsoft, Sony, 1up

Daily Tech Hotlinks

– eBay has been involved in a legal battle over the ‘Buy It Now’ button for six years now, and in the latest court proceedings, the judge has delayed his ruling, no doubt busy buying up on McDonalds meals toys on eBay instead.
– Andrew Lim from CNet.co.uk is a very brave soul indeed, as he recently embarked on an 8-step technology detox, going several weeks without any forms of technology. Gasp! Horror of horrors – isn’t that a form of torture?!
– Safari for Windows may’ve only been released on Tuesday, but already Apple has released an update, including ‘correction for a command injection vulnerability, corrected with additional processing and validation of URLs that could otherwise lead to an unexpected termination of the browser; an out-of-bounds memory read issue; and a race condition that can allow cross-site scripting using a JavaSscript [sic] exploit’. MWHAHA noobs, stick to your pretty hardware and leave the software to the pros, Microsoft.
– Microsoft entertainment monkey, Richard Doherty, may find himself out of a job soon, as he recently claimed “I don’t know that high definition will be delivered on an optical disc in five to 10 years. At Microsoft, we’d rather HD wasn’t on a disc”. Oops.
– In the ongoing saga of The Church of England Vs. Sony and Resistance: Fall of Man, the former has appealed to ‘the people of Japan to put pressure on Sony to respond”. Considering most in Japan practise Buddhism or Shintoism, and the current fate of PS3 sales, I can’t really see the Church succeeding.
– Popular gaming site 1up have joined up with Gottaplay Interactive, and are offering online game rentals and trades. No word on prices yet or availability, but I can see this only being US-based, unfortch.

Katherine Hannaford
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