Super-efficient LED lighting now a real possibility within five years


The quest for cheaper, more environmentally-friendly lighting has taken another leap forward with scientists’ new-found ability to produce much cheaper LEDs.

The New Scientist article goes into quite significant detail about how the process was achieved in order to avoid the LEDs cracking during the manufacturing process (due to the high heat required to grow them) so I won’t attempt to look clever here by regurgitating it.

Suffice it to say, the “new” LEDs can be produced for around a tenner per 150,000 units…

CES 2009: LG unveils huge range of plasma and LCD HDTVs


LG has decided that it hasn’t released nearly enough high definition TVs already, and so is spending this year’s CES showing off a jaw-dropping eleven new series (yes series, not just models) of plasma and LCD TVs.

So that you aren’t bored witless with every detailed specification, here’s an overview of what’s on offer.

Let’s take a look at the LCD TVs first…

Manufacturers and users of technology products have to be responsible for their energy consumption

andy-merrett.jpgAndy Merrett writes…

So, the latest news is that many of our decrepit coal and nuclear power stations are coming to the end of their working lives, and something drastic needs to happen to ensure that Britain can generate enough power for our 21st century lives.

Whatever your view on nuclear power, fossil fuels, and greener alternatives, there’s no denying that we’re a power hungry nation.

We’re also lazy (but trying, of course.)