Salmon sperm – the new force in energy efficient LED lighting


salmon-enhanced-bio-led.jpgContinuing today’s exciting DNA theme, we bring you exciting news in the often overlooked world of salmon sperm-enhanced energy efficient lighting systems.

Andrew Steckl, a photonics expert from the University of Cincinnati, has been experimenting with biological materials in an attempt to create newer, better forms of LED lighting. Specifically, he’s using DNA to ‘trap’ electrons within his new BioLEDs, which helps them hold their light for longer. Which should make LED lights, to break into scientific speak for a moment, ‘better’ and ‘cheaper’.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be salmon sperm – that’s just Andrew’s personal preference for sourcing ‘waste’ biological matter, although he seems rather happy when he points out that he’s “receiving salmon sperm from researchers around the world.”

Via (University of Cincinnati)

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