CES 2009: Sony shows off three more Cyber-shot compact digital cameras


Sony may have revealed its Cybershot G3 Wi-Fi enabled camera which we (apparently) are not going to get a sniff off in the UK, but we’ve got three Cyber-shot cameras of our own to keep us busy.

I’m not sure if these have been shown at CES or not, but everything else seems to have been, so this is where I’ll pretend we’ve seen them first.

The W210, W220 and S950 are compact digital cameras with a fairly standard set of features. Is it worth getting excited about them? Read on and find out.

The Cyber-shot W210 and W220 models both offer 12.1 megapixels, Carl Zeiss lens, 4x optical zoom, smile shutter and face detection (so hopefully you’ll catch shiny happy people in your photos), intelligent scene recognition, 30mm wide angle lens, and a range of body colours – silver, black, blue, pink and green, depending on the model…

CES 2009: Sony Cybershot G3 – Wi-Fi camera with built-in browser


Gosh, this is rather nifty. Sony’s new Cybershot G3 camera has an inbuilt web browser! Eat that, Eye-Fi. You can log on to a wireless hotspot, and surf the web to your heart’s content. Disclaimer – depending on the sites your heart wants to render, it may not end up 100% content.

Sony provides a “Easy Upload” homepage, with quick links to Shutterfly, Picasa, Dailymotion, Photobucket and YouTube (no Flickr?). It’ll store your login information, too, so you don’t have to type it in on the 3.5″ touchscreen every time. But what about the camera itself? It’s got a 10 megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom and Face Detection, along with 4GB of internal storage. Available right now, for $500 (£330).

(via Gizmodo)

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