Sony Europe introduces "Product, Process and Planet" environmental commitment

sony_product_process_planet_initiative.gifSony Europe has just recommitted itself to lessening its environmental impact, with the introduction of the “Product, Process and Planet” initiative.

The “Product” part of the initiative relates to Sony’s efforts to make its consumer electronics goods more environmentally friendly.

TV products currently account for around 76% of Sony’s overall CO2 emissions, but the company has reduced the power consumption of its LCD TVs, and in recognition of this was awarded the Sustainable Energy Europe Award by the European Commission and the EISA Green TV Award last year.

Londoners love their gadgets, and Brits spent £7.8bn overall

money_bags.gifNew research from GfK shows that Brits spent over £7.8 billion on consumer electronics between May 2006 and April 2007. That equates to an average £311 for each household.

Londoners easily top the pile, spending at least twice as much on gadgets as any other region, with £2.2bn spent, or £431 per household.

Those in the south west of England spent the least, at just £195m, or £245 per household.

Average increase in spending on the previous year was 10.6%, proving that we’re still happily spending more on consumer electronics products than ever before.

Manufacturers and users of technology products have to be responsible for their energy consumption

andy-merrett.jpgAndy Merrett writes…

So, the latest news is that many of our decrepit coal and nuclear power stations are coming to the end of their working lives, and something drastic needs to happen to ensure that Britain can generate enough power for our 21st century lives.

Whatever your view on nuclear power, fossil fuels, and greener alternatives, there’s no denying that we’re a power hungry nation.

We’re also lazy (but trying, of course.)