Buy a digital red nose for your Facebook & Twitter profile pics


I don’t generally write about charitable causes on TD because I’m not a very nice person.
Chris Moyles, apparently, is though – well, nice enough to donate a pound to Comic Relief in exchange for a digital red nose to stick on his Facebook/MySpace/Bebo/Twitter/I-suppose-anywhere-he-likes page.

Yes, you could probably Photoshop it yourself but a) that would be rather mean and b) there’s some kind of statement in that about your time being worth less than the pound it would cost…

Why Comic Relief is showing the more charitable side of Web 2.0

rednoseday-piczo.jpgIt can feel like the world of Web 2.0 is all about numbers sometimes. MySpace has 160 million members, and is getting paid $900 million by Google for the rights to sell advertising on it. YouTube attracted 133.5 million visitors in January, but is getting sued for $1 billion by Viacom for alleged copyright infringement. There are 262,958 pet pooches on Dogster.