Buy a digital red nose for your Facebook & Twitter profile pics


I don’t generally write about charitable causes on TD because I’m not a very nice person.
Chris Moyles, apparently, is though – well, nice enough to donate a pound to Comic Relief in exchange for a digital red nose to stick on his Facebook/MySpace/Bebo/Twitter/I-suppose-anywhere-he-likes page.

Yes, you could probably Photoshop it yourself but a) that would be rather mean and b) there’s some kind of statement in that about your time being worth less than the pound it would cost to simply buy one. Also, you get the knowledge that “87p in every £1 goes to good causes”. Not sure if that means that the other 13p goes to bad causes but at least Comic Relief are up front about their admin costs.

So, if you haven’t got yours, there’s still time in the day to feel good about yourself and while we’re on the subject I should spam you out a few more of their links:

Buy a digital red nose

Buy the Red Nose gift on Facebook

Download a REd Nose podcast

Buy the iPhone app

Download some Comic Relief songs

Watch Comic Relief Apprentice and celebs suffering the hardship of climbing a mountain that loads of people would give their eye teeth to do for free

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