Enterprises Implementing Latest Software Development Trends To Stay Ahead

Enterprises are implementing the latest software development trends to stay ahead. According to recent data, there were over 26 million software developers in the world during 2019. By 2030, studies project there will be nearly 45 million. With such immense industry growth, developers are constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends of the…

Higher definition YouTube collage: Rickrolling to new extremes


While YouTube might be taking its time upgrading the resolution of uploaded videos, one enterprising developer has coded up a web page to display a synchronised YouTube video wall, allowing four videos to be played almost seamlessly.

It all feels a bit hit and miss, and relies on someone creating four videos, one for each quarter of a much larger original video.

Given that the highest non-widescreen YouTube videos currently play at 480 x 360 resolution, creating a 2×2 wall offers up a 960 x 720 video. It’s not quite high definition, and there’s definitely some judder, not to mention the YouTube watermark plastered all over the screen, but it’s an interesting experiment…