Sony shoves bass in your face, well, ears, with its XB series


Let’s talk about bass. You don’t hear proper bass – you feel it. In your stomach, your gut. That feeling is generated by massive subwoofers bigger than your head vibrating the air. That’s why I’m more than a little skeptical of Sony’s new XB series of headphones.

They claim to recreate “club ambiance”, which presumably includes meat-headed bouncers, two-hour queues for the cloakroom and many, many, identical men in white shirts. There’s five models in the range – three closed-cup, over-the-head designs (the MDR-XB700/500/300s) and two in-ear models (MDR-XB40EX/20EX).

The over-the-heads have 50mm drivers, and the in-ears have “an innovative ‘direct vibe’ acoustic design”, apparently. They’ll all be available in March, but there’s no pricing info available yet. For all kinds of scientific diagrams, click to Sony’s Extra Bass page on their website.

Sony Extra Bass

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